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Choice menu sample messages for a professional telephone system


Have a choice menu voiced by a beautiful telephone voice?

Do you want to transfer your callers to the right service? Thanks to our examples and tips, you will do this wonderfully clear from now on.

Sample texts of good IVR drop-down menus

Answering machine texts to make a professional impression


Graag vragen we een keuze te maken uit volgende opties. Wenst u iemand van de klantendienst te spreken, druk op 1. Voor Aankoop, druk 2. Voor Technische Dienst, druk 3. Voor alle andere vragen, druk 8. Druk # (hekje) om dit menu nogmaals te beluisteren. Druk op 0 om terug te keren naar het vorige menu.


(Serveur vocal intéractif - SVI:)
Bienvenue chez VOICES. Afin de vous servir plus rapidement veuillez faire votre choix dans le menu suivant. Si vous désirez parler avec notre département commercial, appuyez sur 1. Pour la comptabilité, appuyez sur 2. Appuyez # pour réécouter ce message. Pour revenir au menu principal appuyez sur 0.


(IVR Menu:)
Welcome to VOICES. Please choose one of the following options. For Pricing, Press 1. For Orders, press 2. For all other inquiries, press 3. Press # to listen to this menu again. To return to the previous menu, press 0.


Wilkommen bei VOICES. Um Sie schnell mit dem richtigen Mitarbeiter verbinden zu können, folgt jetzt ein Auswahlmenü. Wählen Sie die 1 für den Kundendienst. Wählen Sie die 2 für den technischen Support. Wählen Sie die 3 für die Finanzabteilung. Drücken Sie #, um dieses Menü nochmals anzuhören. Um zum Hauptmenü zurückzukehren, drücken Sie 0.


(Saludo interactivo de respuesta de voz (IVR) :)
Bienvenidos a VOICES. Por favor, elija alguna de las siguientes opciones. Para precios, presione 1. Para pedidos, presione 2. Para todas las demás consultas, presione 3. Presione # para volver a escuchar este menú. Para volver al menú anterior, presione 0.


(Menu URA:)
Bem-vindo ao VOICES. Escolha uma das seguintes opções. Para preços, pressione 1. Para pedidos, pressione 2. Para todas as outras consultas, pressione 3. Pressione # para ouvir este menu novamente. Para retornar ao menu anterior, pressione 0.

The importance of a clear menu of choices

A clear choice menu allows callers to be quickly directed to the right department, which reduces wait time and promotes efficiency. It improves the user experience and increases the likelihood of getting their question or problem resolved quickly.

3 benefits for your business

  • Fast referral to appropriate department
  • Reduces waiting time and increases efficiency
  • Improved user experience for callers

Tips for a clear choice menu

We create professional audio files for your business telephone system. This will improve your image and increase customer satisfaction. Because both you and your customers deserve it.

Do you have a multilingual drop-down menu? Let the caller choose the language.
Welcome to [VOICES]. Bienvenue chez [VOICES]. For Dutch, press 1. Pour le français, appuyez sur 2.
Refer the caller to the appropriate department.
Welcome to [VOICES]. For help desk, press 1. For sales, press 2. For administration or other questions, press 3.
Always provide an other questions option.
Here is a selection menu: Do you have a malfunction key 1. For other questions key 2.
Provide the option to repeat a longer menu.
If you wish to speak to someone in customer service, press 1. For Purchasing, press 2. For Technical Service, press 3. For all other questions, press 8. Press # (hash) to listen to this menu again.
Make sure the caller can easily return to the main menu.
To return to the main menu, press 0.

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How do I set up a drop-down menu?

Why do you need a choice menu?

Do you have a company with several departments? Many topics and questions that customers may ask? Then a choice menu for your telephone system is the appropriate solution. Is it the most ideal for your customer? Secretly, we all dislike going through a choice menu. Preferably, there is a shortcut to immediately get a real employee on the line to entrust your question to.

Because sometimes, as a customer, it is difficult to formulate or categorize your question. Because you can't quite figure out whether your question is more appropriate for after-sales service or billing service... A clear drop-down menu ensures that the employee answering the call can help the customer faster because he is specialized.

Of course, this does not apply to every business. A small company with a few products may not need to use a drop-down menu. A larger company with many products or services can certainly benefit. The choice of a telephone system with choice menus can be made to steamroll customer inquiries.

Is a choice menu customer friendly?

Perception teaches us that the faster we get a person on the line who can help us, the nicer we experience it. Keep the wait time as short as possible.

Think carefully about all the possible questions customers may ask. The better you have your internal structures in place, the faster you can answer different questions. For example, do you have a system with customer numbers linked to the phone number? Then the existing customer does not have to identify himself in the dialing menu. That saves time. And that makes it more pleasant for the customer. Then the experience or plowing through the dialing menu becomes shorter.

In that exercise, really think from the customer's point of view. And not from the structure of the company. For example, if your customer wants to know if the package can be returned, then "For returning order" is more customer-friendly and clearer than "For service and repair department.

As mentioned, compile a list of the most common questions. And then break down the most frequently asked questions into a concise selection of choices. Certainly don't go overboard in this. Because that, too, is distracting.

Customer Recognition

Because you have the customer's phone number linked to the customer's file, you know immediately, for example, whether it is a private customer or a buisiness customer. Or you immediately see the overview of the services used. This allows you to automatically redirect the customer to the correct service.

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Sell more through your phone dial menu, is it possible?

Of course you can. For many companies, large and small, I speak the texts from the switchboard. If you call as a client after business hours, or need to be kept on the line for a while, chances are you will hear my voice on voicemail.

1. Use interactive voice response

A telephone menu with multiple choices is not always necessary. For small businesses, a short hold message is sufficient until the phone is answered by the receptionist(s), or the appropriate department. Can't answer the phone? Then a properly recorded voicemail is important. A warm, friendly voice is indispensable here. The voice your potential customers hear is the first impression. It is a kind of aural business card. It comes across as professional, exuding quality. It makes them feel good.

2. Keep it short and clear

The rule of thumb: the more efficiently you can refer your customer to the right contact person, the better. You yourself don't want to be kept "on the line" for too long, do you? When writing your voice prompts, be personal, but don't deviate too much from the unwritten rules. Chances are the person is only listening with half an ear, and then standard phrases are easy to understand.

Welcome. Please wait a moment, we will help you as soon as possible.
All our staff are currently on a call. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
But during that waiting time, you can take advantage of a voice-over to get more out of the phone call.

3. Talk about your promotions

Give the customer promotional information. Or An example: "Thank you for your patience. Did you know that when you purchase your mattress, you are now temporarily getting the pillows on top for free? Our staff will be happy to tell you more about this and other promotions."

4. Refer to website

Obviously, you have a website where your customer can quickly find all the information they are looking for. Just give this, with a practical example if necessary. There is a greater chance that this will solve the problem than you think.

5. First the department, then the action

Are you using a drop-down menu? If so, my personal preference is this order. For the Invoicing department, press 1. For the after-sales service department, press 2. There is potentially a lot of information coming at your customer, and then it is helpful if he first recognizes the department he is looking for, and only then he hears which button to press.

Don't wait too long to transfer a colleague. Often people call, just because they have specific questions. A series of standard answers, they may have already found on your site, but were not sufficient. Therefore, don't let the option "For other questions, press X" wait too long.

You can also use words like "key" or "dial" in your phone menu. That choice is up to you.

And finally, ask for feedback

After a conversation, you can ask the customer for feedback. Do they think they were well served, or would they like to leave a comment? That can be very valuable information!

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Welkom bij MijnBedrijf.
Voor Volkswagen - druk 1.
Voor Audi - druk 2.

Wenst u de receptie voor onderhoud en herstellingen te spreken  - druk 1.
Om een afspraak te maken te maken voor onderhoud en herstellingen kan u steeds terecht op onze website.
Om iemand van het magazijn wisselstukken te spreken - druk 2.
Voor de afdeling verkoop - druk 3.

Belt u voor een afspraak voor levering of meer informatie over uw besteld voertuig - druk 1.
Om iemand van de verkoopafdeling te spreken - druk 2.
Voor al uw andere vragen kan u terecht op 
Voor technische ondersteuning, druk 1. 
Voor administratie of verkoop, druk 2. 

For technical support, please press 1. 
For administration or sales, please press 2. 

Pour entrer en contact avec notre service technique, appuyez sur la touche 1. 
Pour l'administration ou la vente appuyez sur 2. 	
Welkom bij de Servicedesk. 
Ben je een student? Kies één. 
Ben je een medewerker? Kies twee. 
Voor zakelijke contacten: Kies drie. 

Als nieuwe student vind je alle belangrijke informatie op 	
Welkom bij MijnBedrijf.
Voor support, toets 1.
Voor boekhouding, toets 2.
Voor algemene vragen, toets 3.
Om dit menu opnieuw te beluisteren, toets 9.
Welkom bij X, druk een voor nederlands. 
Bienvenue chez X, pour le francais appuyez sur deux. 
Welcome to X , press three for english. 	
Voor garage en werkplaatsplanning, druk 1.
Voor verkoop van wagens, druk 2.
Voor carrosserie en schadebestekken, druk 3.
Voor onderdelen en accessoires, druk 4.
Voor andere diensten, druk 5. 
Welkom bij X, om u zo snel mogelijk met de juiste afdeling door te verbinden volgt er nu een keuze menu.
Tevens willen wij u erop attenderen dat al onze gesprekken worden opgenomen voor trainingsdoeleinden. 
Kies 1 – Voor al uw verkoopgerichte vragen.
Kies 2 – Voor onze zakelijke afdeling.
Kies 3 – Voor vragen betreffende levering of planning.
Kies 4 – Voor onze klantenservice.

Welkom bij de afdeling verkoop. 
Nog een klein moment geduld alstublieft wij zullen u doorverbinden met de eerste vrije medewerker. 

Welkom bij de afdeling planning, om u snel verder te kunnen helpen willen wij u vragen uw bestelnummer bij de hand te houden. 
Nog een klein moment geduld alstublieft wij zullen u doorverbinden met de eerste vrije medewerker. 

Welkom bij de afdeling klantenservice, om u snel verder te kunnen helpen willen wij u vragen uw bestelnummer bij de hand te houden en een keuze te maken uit een van de volgende opties zodat wij u direct met de juiste medewerker kunnen doorverbinden: 
Optie 1: Voor al uw vragen inzake een beschadigde levering.
Optie 2: Voor al uw vragen over missende onderdelen.
Optie 3: Voor het annuleren van uw bestelling.
Optie 4: Indien u belt inzake een retourverzoek.
Optie 5: Voor al uw andere vragen aan onze afdeling klantenservice.
Welkom bij X! 
Voor offerteaanvragen: druk 1.
Voor planning groene energie: druk 2.
Voor personeelszaken: druk 3.
Voor alle andere vragen: druk 4.

Voor leveringen en afhalingen: druk 1.
Voor planning nutsvoorzieningen: druk 2.
Voor de boekhouding: u kan ons contacteren via

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Writing a good choice menu in 5 questions.

Does your PBX have a choice menu?

And is your choice menu the first thing your callers hear when they call you? If so, it's important to keep it as clear and efficient as possible. Obviously, you want to make a great first impression. But equally important is taking your customer's needs into account. Make sure they get to the right department as quickly as possible.

Question 1: What are the capabilities of your telephone system?

Each PBX is a little different. But many offer the same features. To understand how best to set up your dial menu, you must first understand how your telephone system and call forwarding system works. So that you can associate the right messages with the right choice button. For example, if your IVR system recognizes speech, you want to let the caller know they can speak instead of pressing a key.

Question 2: What are your callers' most common reasons?

Your customers will have different reasons for calling your company. In an ideal world, you can address these questions when designing your choice menu and notifications. Many companies choose to divide the dial menu by department, while others direct callers directly to employees. Many companies also choose to include their website, address and business hours . This is very useful if you often get the same questions. Through your PBX, these simple questions are already answered immediately.

Question 3: What do you start the selection menu with?

The order of how you set the dial menu is very important to your caller's user experience. If most callers contact you to make an appointment, put this as the first option. That way, you can optimize the service to what your callers really want. And avoid having them struggle through too many choices and information.

Question 4: Can data be outdated?

Unless you plan on renewing or modifying your PBX often (which of course you certainly can, our starting cost is low), it may be smart to avoid time-related information, such as temporary promos or dates. Or take that into account and include all promos and dates at once. In the same vein, it's also best to choose to name the department instead of the employee's name. You never know... For example, say, "For our sales associate, press 4," instead of "For Thomas Smith, our sales associate, press 4."

Question 5: Are you clear and specific enough?

Be specific when necessary to avoid confusion and choice stress. For example, if you wish to assign the billing of new customers to your customer service instead of the billing service, let it be known in your notification.

Also keep in mind that while you want to be as complete as possible, you may also be very to the point. For example, stating your opening hours while you are open is too much information. This is better done in your after-hours announcement. If you do wish to include your opening hours, address or additional information, do so using a separate drop-down menu.