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How much does it cost?

Our price is calculated based on text length. 

Phone Greetings

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*Price per message if text consists of 140 words. (Or +/- messages of 20 words.) Total price is then .

Change the number of words with this slider.

The rate drops if several messages are recorded.

Volume discount:

The cost per message decreases if you enter more messages or longer texts. That's because we charge a one-off starting cost and then calculate the price depending on the length of the text.

Additional volume discount:

We offer an additional volume discount starting at 750 words. It is automatically applied when texts are entered.

Partner code:

If you have a partner coupon code, you can enter it at the checkout. This discount will be automatically applied before you check out.

No surprises

No, there are no hidden costs or subscription plans. You only pay once for your audio files. After that, you can use them on your own business telephone system without limitation.