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With us, you order without worry.

What guarantees do I get?


We go for the best results!

We have a 99.9% customer satisfaction rating. But recording a text is human work. Very rarely a word may be pronounced incorrectly. Is your audio recording not quite right after your text and audio briefing? Then we just do it again, until you are satisfied!

Instructions for the voice actor.

We ask you to create instructions after placing your order. Thanks to an audio briefing, for example, you specify what the tone-of-voice may sound like. For example: Do you want it to sound super cheerful? Or rather slowly spoken?

The correct pronunciation.

If necessary, use our platform to record your company name, brand name, family names, number and date notations. For example, do you say "from one to five" or "from thirteen to seventeen"? Or do you prefer to hear 'three hundred and thirty-three'? Or do you prefer 'three, three, three' or 'three times three' in the phone number? Thanks to your audio briefing, it is completely clear to our voice actor how something is pronounced.

Order without worry.

Are you placing an order for the first time? Then you may have some trepidation. But rest assured: even if you are not satisfied, we will continue to help you. First of all, we will do a free re-recording. You can then review this new recording. In exceptional cases, is the voice talent not entirely to your liking? Then together we will look for another voice talent for your telephone system. Moreover, we guarantee a money-back policy if you are not satisfied! We guarantee the quality of all our voice-overs. We have carefully selected our voice talents for quality.