• Eveline has a soft and friendly voice and is also four-lingual.
    Vlaams, Engels, Duits, Frans
  • My voice sounds very warm and deep, and transfers confidence and credibility.
    English, Flemish, French
  • Laura
    In addition to being a voice of ProximusTV, Laura is also a singer, so a voicemail can also be sung.
    English, Flemish, French
  • Bart
    Bart has a calm, warm and confidential voice.
  • Berdien's voice sounds soft and sultry, but with a fresh and enthusiastic touch.
    English, Flemish, French
  • Charline is a musical actress and also works for cartoons, in addition to telephone messaging.
    English, Flemish
  • Gitta has a warm voice and a clear pronunciation.
    English, Flemish, French
  • Jens has a young, friendly and recognizable voice.
  • Kristien is a very versatile voice. Both in terms of pronunciation and languages.
    Vlaams, Engels, Duits, Frans, Spaans
  • Mathieu
    Mathieu sounds warm and confidential.
  • Patrick
    Patrick has been the radio and TV trailer voice of Canvas for many years. It sounds very confidential.
    English, Flemish, French
  • Serge's voice sounds confident and friendly.
    Vlaams, Engels, Duits, Frans

We record your telephone messages.

Welcome Message

The greeting is the first thing your callers hear.

We Set The Right Tone!

On-hold Message

Create engagement with your callers while in queue.

We Make Sure They Don't Drop Out.

Voice Prompts

Transfer your callers to the right service, efficiently.

We Speak Clear Language

These are our quality guarantees

Your recording is of high quality and is done in a professional recording studio.

This saves the overhead costs of an external studio. And ensures a very short delivery time.

A retake for pronunciation; tempo, intonation and tone-of-voice is always included in the price.

The cutting of the audio files is also included. So you can upload them separately to your telephone exchange system. Easy. Any format is possible.

The audio is mixed down and prepared for your individual phone exchange system. Need a different format after all? We'll make you a new version, for free.

Delivery within 1 working day is also possible. For a fee of € 39 this option can be selected on the checkout page.

Safe online payment via our trusted payment processors.

You will promptly receive a correct invoice for your accounting.

How much is it?

Voice Fee

  • There are 30 words included in the starting cost. After that it costs € 1 per extra word.


  • Our music is royalty free, so you don't have to pay Sabam or Buma / Stemra. You only pay € 29 for mixing and the music license.

Handling fee

  • The handling fee includes the correct follow-up and delivery of the audio. Including cutting and exporting to the correct formats.

Listen to some recent assignments?

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

For the Flemish IVR, Tesla asked Johfrah to do the voicemail recording.

Antoine: “An utmost professional voice actor, not shy to contribute and who's very responsive! The feedback I have received from my customers is all extremely positive.”

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

For their answering machine greeting and option menu prompts for garden center 't Rozenland, Elsie chose the warm voice of Korneel.

Elsie : " Fast and friendly service. The result was more than okay! ”

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Jurgen chose telephone voice Kristien for Educorner's telephone exchange system.

Jurgen: “Very fast service and very professional approach! The result is impressive, we will definitely be back for more.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

For the new telephone exchange prompts, Goodyear needed a voice to professionally record the tapes.

Nick : “In one word: TOP! Rarely experienced such a smooth handling and communication. Prices are very competitive and the quality is sublime across the board. Thanks Johfrah and Eveline! Keep up the good work. ”

We pride ourselves on the trust we receive from our customers.

We place great value on satisfied customers. A 5-star rating pleases us very much indeed. It shows that our working method pays off. We love clear communication, transparency and a wonderfully smooth service. Still not satisfied? Money Back!

Ordered a sound fragment on Saturday and received it the same day. Then asked for an adjustment and adjusted the day after .... Very successful result! Toppers to work with.
Roel Geusens
12:32 05 Jul 20
Good and neat handling of our voice for the telephone exchange! A small adjustment was included and handled quickly !!!
EQ Group
18:56 29 Jun 20
We are very satisfied with the result. And will certainly recommend you. Thanks for the quick service👌😁
demis pliers
08:29 17 Jun 20
Very fast and professional service! Johfrah called / emailed back very quickly. Everything was followed up perfectly.
Sofie Allaert
09:56 04 Jun 20
What a great company. Your telephone exchange prompts will be professionally recorded and handled for a friendly fee. You can choose a pleasant voice and music. then everything is assembled for you and you will receive the messages by email. Top
Marloes de Jong
14:25 02 Jun 20
Super fast and professional service! Johfrah is very sympathetic and helpful. Gitta delivered a flawless message. I was also asked how the pronunciation of certain words sounded, as to make it even more perfect, I am really satisfied. TOP!
Yora Vandenhaute
19:55 27 May 20
TOP, very fast service. Well spoken, certainly worth repeating!
14:53 20 May 20
The fastest and most professional service I have ever seen. Super sympathetic, communicative and a radio voice that makes me jealous :-). Thanks for everything.
Raf Schippers
15:34 07 May 20
Via phone-voices.com hebben we voor onze telefooncentrale van virtualconcept.nl voor een professioneel stemgeluid gekozen. Als nederlandse onderneming wilde we graag een fijne vrouwelijke stem met een dromerig achtergrond muziekje. Machteld heeft dit voor ons in gesproken en we zijn enorm verbluft door het resultaat. Johfrah was in alles heel keurig en netjes en reageerde op alles heel snel. Achteraf wat kleine aanpassingen laten doen was geen enkel probleem. Johfrah en Machteld bedankt. Echt een top service voor een hele mooie prijs!
Michel Jongbloets
15:04 05 May 20
Ik heb bij Phone-voices.com de stem van Klaas gebruikt en ik ben zeer content met de kwaliteit van de opname en geluidskwaliteit. Er komen meer voices voor de nieuwe website en we gaan deze stem alle keren gebruiken waar mogelijk.
Wned VOF Roden
09:51 18 Apr 20
I am very satisfied with the voices and the service at Phone-voices.com! Very friendly and fast delivery. TOP!
Gert Moors
11:44 20 Mar 20
A professional voicemail for our Castle of Ordingen was an absolute must. Eveline and Johfrah arranged this quickly and perfectly for us!
Castle Ordingen
09:25 28 Feb 20
Great service! 3 texts delivered and received the same day. Fast and correct communication, competitive prices and very professional texts. An absolute must!
Ramon Kweekel
07:28 14 Jan 20
Top service! we have called for their services for our company and they have taken into account all our expectations! many companies can still learn from their professionalism. Thank you to you and good luck!
Brian Michel
16:22 21 Dec 19
I have experienced a very professional and friendly approach. In addition, I also received fast service at an extremely fair price. If you are not very good at recording your voicemail or if you want to appear 'pro' as an entrepreneur: do it!
Davy Vermeire
12:41 13 Nov 19
For our new telephone exchange we were looking for a warm pleasant voice to record our texts ... and we found it at Johfrah. It was a nice professional collaboration and if you have any comments, he will just do it again… until it is all right and that is how it should be. Great!
Annicq Neuts
15:57 01 Oct 19
very nice service, it is also asked whether you are satisfied with the sound files and whether something needs to be optimized. Highly recommended!
Ellen Lemahieu
10:53 19 Sep 19
very nice service, it is also asked whether you are satisfied with the sound files and whether something needs to be optimized. Highly recommended!
Ellen Lemahieu
10:52 19 Sep 19
Neatly delivered, and also with the necessary adjustments. Great teamwork!
Joeri Van den Bosch
6:30 PM Aug 18 19
Very smooth and professional cooperation! I recommend it!
Maarten H.
18:35 10 Aug 19
The fast service, competitive price and professional results have ensured that we keep returning to Johfrah for the messages from our telephone exchange.
Philipp Baeken
06:51 25 Jul 19
Smooth and correct communication, quality bands for a correct price.
Nathan Kestier
12:15 11 Jul 19
Smooth and correct communication, quality bands for a correct price.
Nathan Kestier
12:15 11 Jul 19
Submit online request & receive a perfectly finished audio file 1 day later ... very smooth & pleasant cooperation!
Pieter Van Mechgelen
11:22 06 Jul 19
Submit online request & receive a perfectly finished audio file 1 day later ... very smooth & pleasant cooperation!
Pieter Van Mechgelen
11:22 06 Jul 19
Very professionally spoken and smoothly delivered at a nice price!
Nicolas Vandekerckhove
19:18 26 May 19
Everything went very smoothly and I am very satisfied with the quality! a correct price!
Michiel Ginneberge
10:37 04 May 19
Fast, smooth and correct service. Beautiful audio delivered for an affordable price. I had asked for some changes after the trial version, this was immediately taken into account and in no time I got the version I wanted. If my voicemail ever needs to be changed, I immediately choose this company again!
Niels Hemmeryckx
10:40 21 Feb 19
Very smooth service. Ordered yesterday, delivered today! Great!
Cindy Penders
14:16 24 Jan 19
If you are looking for an affordable voice mail voice for a long time and then find this website with their nice prices, that is very nice. Made instant contact and had voice messages made. They are very high quality and delivered these recordings in less than 12 hours.
Maxime Mensaert
14:51 18 Jan 19
Very fast and smooth service. Clear voice with a strong professional tone!
Ruben Wynants
12:01 28 Dec 18
Good service, fast and professional! Highly recommended.
Office Netherlands Isolates
11:05 Dec 17
Fast service and completely to your liking. Thanks for the cooperation and on to the next.
Tom Hoogewijs
09:33 15 Nov 18
A big thank you .... Just super and delivered very quickly and smoothly. It simply cannot be better !! COOL
Marnick Bogaert
12:57 11 Nov 18
Very fast and smooth cooperation. Top result.
09:19 26 Sep 18
super fast and professional service! pronunciation is adapted to your own needs. Very reliable and easily accessible.
06:58 25 Sep 18
Very smooth, personal and professional! Thanks!
Frederick Scraeyen
18:55 05 Sep 18
Fast service, a free trial recording and a professionally recorded voicemail message. Very satisfied and highly recommended!
Patrick van der Schaaf
08:55 14 Aug 18
Johfrah helped me with my thesis without any problems. For a movie I was looking for a good voice-over and Johfrah delivered it not only quickly but also clearly and perfectly recorded.
mathias van sele
3:57 PM 10 Aug 18
For our new telephone exchange, we were looking for a partner who could record our tapes professionally. That's how I ended up with Johfrah and Eveline. 1 word TOP! Rarely experienced such a smooth handling and communication. Prices are very competitive and the quality is sublime across the board. Thanks Johfrah and Eveline! Keep up the good work.
Nick Daems
07:29 19 Jul 18
As a colleague but also as a friend, I can highly recommend Johfrah! Always very professional and adept at what he does.
Wouter Massink
09:26 13 Jul 18
Johfrah delivered a clear voicemail message in just a few hours. Excellent service! Thank you Johfrah and good luck!
Matts Devriendt
12:08 01 Jul 18
Great services! Thank you very much for the beautiful recording!
Jamie Van Camp
11:29 26 Jun 18
Always very good experiences, working with Johfrah. Super good service and very professional approach!
Pieter-Jan Gheysen
07:33 21 Jun 18
Quick service! Perfect result!
Jannick Hindrick
3:50 pm 19 Jun 18
Very efficient, fast communication. Request for a test vote to the final result, including adjustments, was completed within 24 hours. Very accessible, which is very useful for deadlines that breathe in your neck. You can count on Johfrah!
Johannes Broux
12:02 31 Mar 18
Nothing but praise for our cooperation! Johfrah communicated smoothly and clearly with us and understood where we wanted to go so that we quickly reached the desired voiceover. His voice, drive and operation are an absolute asset and a pleasure to work with.
Anthony Magnus
15:44 23 Mar 18
Top! Super fast response, and immediately the desired result. Thanks to Johfrah, Amusivent has a fresh and professional voicemail!
Tom Van der Vennet
17:01 21 Mar 18
A nice voice and he speaks excellent texts.
Kilian Vermaelen
16:14 15 Mar 18
Johfrah is a nice person to work with. He is approachable, helpful and has a nice voice.
Wilma Wouters
12:01 28 Feb 18
Good communication, smooth finish, great result.
Carlo Hellemons
12:23 22 Feb 18
Very pleasant cooperation and a smooth service. Johfrah was the ideal addition as a voiceover to our case movie! Warm and clear voice.
Nele De Bruycker
15:59 08 Feb 18
Johfrah helped us enormously with the voice-over. Communication was also very smooth and pleasant. The end result was exactly what we had in mind. Highly recommended!
Lotte Bijlsma
15:59 08 Feb 18
We have ordered a number of telephone messages from Johfrah for our telephone exchange. What did that go smoothly, tick what you need, adjust it slightly to the needs of our business and passed it online and suddenly paid at 2 pm ... 11 pm everything in the mailbox. Talk about a fast service. We're going to turn it on if we need a voice for something ...
Roel Van Looveren
18:47 20 Dec 17
Johfrah is a reliable supplier. He is communicative and clear in his information. All info is transparent and fair. He thinks along in the process, so that we look back on a pleasant cooperation. Very nice first meeting.
Ines Peeters
13:28 20 Oct 17
Johfrah is very dependable and did a quick and professional recording for one of our explanation videos. Everything worked out fine and I am looking forward to working with him again!
Anna Sophie Santner
07:24 13 Sep 17
Johfrah is a very professional voice actor. Works very smoothly with director and technique. Communicates very clearly. Can be deployed in the short term, which is very important in the world of advertising. Recommended!
Sara Krieckemans
15:19 08 Sep 17
Top!!! Quick service. Our secretariat staff are delighted that they no longer have to do this themselves, especially when you hear the result. 😉
Peter Verbrugghe
11:59 02 Sep 17
Very satisfied with the service. Pleasant guy to work with.
Aarnaa Productions
18:02 11 Aug 17
Pleasant experience! As a business manager of a company where quality and service are assets, it is nice to be able to work with people who share this attitude. From the first contact we were informed about what to expect and when. The agreements were met with a result that meets expectations. We are already looking forward to the next collaboration. Thanks Johfrah.
Gunter Lories
10:10 11 Aug 17
Great voice. Personal approach. Very fast (online) service.
Jasper Heldenbergh
09:18 02 Jun 17
After a short google ended up at Johfrah Levebre for recording our voicemail and the menu of our telephone exchange. A few emails in two days and all the warmly spoken texts were there! Thank you for the smooth service and look forward to the next cooperation!
Tom De Saeger
16:19 24 Jan 17
Johfrah: someone you can count on. Thumbs up!
David Dalemans
09:29 02 Jul 15
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