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Would you like your voicemail recorded by a beautiful voice?

The first impression is crucial. Therefore, have your telephone system recorded by a professional voice mail system. In this way, you provide your callers with a perfect customer experience.

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Want to record your voicemail? It's easy!

You write the texts, choose the voice and add on hold music . Your audio is ready for use the very next working day.


Need inspiration? Check out our sample texts.

Music gives a personal touch.

Our voicemail recordings are suitable for all telephone systems.


We believe in the power of the first impression.

In 2022, customer experience means more than just being there. You make a difference by how your brand sounds and is perceived. The voice, the tone, consistent messages and the way you treat your customers create stronger customer relationships. 

We have already helped two thousand companies. Are you convinced, too?

Would you like to have your telephone system voiced by a beautiful telephone voice? Then listen to our different examples. You can immediately place your order online. Or contact us for a no-obligation quote and advice.

Maak begroetingen voor uw telefooncentrale. voicemail. keuzemenu. wachtcentrale. antwoordapparaat.
Create greetings for your phone system. on hold messages. voice-prompts.
Erstellen Sie Ansagen für Ihre Anrufbeantworter. Mailbox. Auswahlmenüs.
Créez des messages pour votre central téléphonique. boîte vocale. serveur vocal interactif. attente téléphonique.

Welcome message

Would you like to have your welcome message recorded?

The welcome message is the first message your caller hears. When a customer calls your company, they are automatically placed in the queue and welcomed. Think: "Hello, you are connected to Company X, the number one caller in our field." This sounds fresh, professional, welcoming and can be finished off with a nice background music.

On-hold message

Do you want a professional sounding queue?

The message your caller hears when he is on hold is the hold message. After the welcome greeting, you transfer the caller to your virtual queue. Think: 'Please hold, you will be connected to one of our staff members as soon as possible'. How this message sounds determines the state of mind of your caller. That is why we are happy to help you with advice on the right message and a friendly, welcoming voice.

Voicemail greeting

Would you like your voicemail greeting recorded?

A voicemail, or answering machine, is what your caller hears when you can't come to the phone. In many bad cases, this is a robot voice that reads out the telephone number, followed by a beep. But of course, this can be done much better and more professionally. We specialise in making great sounding voicemail recordings for companies. We help you with a clear, short message and you can choose a beautiful voice to record this text for you.

Closed notification

Would you like to have your greeting recorded after office hours?

A closed message is a business voicemail message that you set outside of opening hours. For example: 'Welcome to Our Company. Unfortunately our office is closed. Or: 'You are calling us outside our opening hours'. After the greeting, you can let customers know when they can call back, or have them leave a message on the answering machine.


Do you want to record your telephone's dial tone?

The telephone selection menu is a list of choices that callers will hear when they call you. For example: 'For the sales department, press 1, for the administration department, press 2,' etc. After making the choice, the caller is connected on the telephone to the relevant department, an external number or voicemail.

Lunch notification

Would you like to leave a message during lunch?

A lunch announcement is a business voicemail message that your caller will hear between 12pm and 1pm. Think of: "Welcome to Our Company, we are having a sandwich. We will be available again from 1 p.m.". This friendly greeting lets your callers know that your company is enjoying a lunch break and leaves them the option of leaving a message on the answering machine.

Holiday message

Would you like to have an out-of-office call during the holidays?

A holiday message is the greeting that your callers will hear during a short or long holiday, an extended weekend, construction leave, summer leave, end of year period... Your company is unreachable for a longer period of time. Think 'Welcome to Our Company. We are enjoying a refreshing holiday and will be available again from Monday 3 August".

Holiday greeting

Would you like to record a greeting during the holidays?

A public holiday announcement is the telephone message that you set on public holidays. It can still happen that you receive phone calls on those days, for example from abroad. You let your caller know in a professional manner that your company is closed and indicate when you will be available again.