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Use a pleasant voice to record the welcome message on your voicemail.

The best first impression for your business telephone system.
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Make a difference with a smile. Give your callers a warm and friendly welcome over the phone, at any time, in any language.

What is it that we do?

We create professional audio files for your business telephone system. This will improve your image and increase customer satisfaction. Because both you and your customers deserve it.

So how does it work?

You can order your customised phone greetings in just 3 steps.

Choose the suitable voice for your voicemail.

You may recognise our telephone voice-overs from the radio.


Write the texts for your voicemail message.

See our sample copy for inspiration.


Add hold music if necessary.

Hold music adds a personal touch to your voicemail.

The most beautiful voicemail voices

Have your voicemail recorded today by one of our wonderful telephone voices? You can.

Voice-over Johfrah
Tempur, Tesla, Trivago
Johfrah's voice sounds very warm. It's a voice full of confidence and credibility.
& English, French
Voice-over Christina
Canvas, Hema, Radio 1
What a beautiful voice Christina has: warm, clear and inspiring!
& German, English, French, Spanish
Voice-over Kirsten
MIVB, Studio Brussel
Kirsten (StuBru) has a smooth and gentle voice.
& English, French, Spanish
Voice-over Michèle
Michèle's (StuBru) voice sounds familiar and young, yet matter-of-fact.
& German, English, French, Spanish
Voice-over Brecht
JOE DJ Brecht's timbre is warm and inspires confidence. It's a voice with personality.
& German, English, French, Spanish
Voice-over Serge
Axe, Domino's, Q-Music
Serge's voice sounds confident and friendly. He is also fluent in English.
& German, English, French
Voice-over Gitta
Vlaamse Overheid
Gitta sounds like the woman next door. Very approachable. She has a warm voice and clear pronunciation.
& English, French
Voice-over Mona
Brussels Airlines, Testaankoop, VRT
Mona has a young, fresh voice that can be described rather as deep and warm with a more hesitant tone.

You can have your voicemail recorded in any language.

Does your company need to look professional in different languages? We work with voicemail voice-overs in any language, which is handy if you have foreign customers or suppliers.

You can have your voicemail recorded today by this Dutch, German, French or English voice.

Add music to your voicemail.

Can't take the call right away, which means your caller has to wait a while? Make the hold time as pleasant as possible for your caller by choosing suitable hold music from our music library. This music can also be used as background music to the voices so that the entire telephone system has a pleasant ring to it.

Transparent service.

Our service is very user-friendly. You choose the voice that will record your voicemail, enter the texts and choose the hold music. The recording fee is transparent, which allows you to pay online immediately. We can then get to work for you as quickly as possible.

The result: by making use of our voice-overs, your voicemail sounds highly professional. You deserve that, and so do your customers.

Are there any hidden costs?

No surprises

No, there are no hidden costs or subscription plans. You only pay once for your audio files. After that, you can use them on your own business telephone system without limitation.

The rate drops if several messages are recorded.

Volume discount:

The cost per message decreases if you enter more messages or longer texts. That's because we charge a one-off starting cost and then calculate the price depending on the length of the text.

Additional volume discount:

We offer an additional volume discount starting at 750 words. It is automatically applied when texts are entered.

Partner code:

If you have a partner coupon code, you can enter it at the checkout. This discount will be automatically applied before you check out.

Prices starting from €89.

The price of your phone messages depends on the length of your texts to be recorded. Our voice actors start from as little as €89 per phone call. If you want to calculate the voicing rate price, you can enter your text using this link.

Music costs €59.

Adding hold or background music is subject to a one-off cost of €59. 

Thank you for your confidence.

We are proud of our hundreds of five-star reviews.


(338 reviews)

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highly recommended
beautiful voice
Leo the Fox
Leo de Vos
We are very satisfied with your site and nice contact. Especially your flexibility with an adjustment in a jiffy arranged.In a word class,The Seating masters from Holland
Adapteo Benelux
Adapteo Benelux
Good experience with. Very fast (often in next day) and good/easy contact!
Vos Capelle
Vos Capelle
We are very satisfied with the cooperation and received the audio files quickly. Even a small adjustment afterwards was handled without any problem.
Veerman ICT
Veerman ICT
Quick and fine partner for voice messages. Started with a set of voicemail messages and over the years had several new and custom texts recorded. It is super nice that the same speaker is available for this! This way you don't have to record all texts from scratch in case of small changes or adjustments to your voicemail.
Beppie Mobile
Beppie Mobiel
Highly recommended! Perfect quality, fast delivery, great customer service! Everything top!
Ruben Dingemans
Ruben Dingemans
A fine club, pleasant communication, fast delivery & payment. Johfrah is a fine, reliable and pleasant partner to work with.
Gilles Deplancke
Gilles Deplancke
Very satisfied with. Easy program to enter the texts, and delivered very quickly. Highly recommended!
Mike van Duinen
Mike van Duinen
Good and professional company. They helped me with voicemail. Product is delivered quickly and quality is good! Definitely recommend.
Nish De Ceulaer
Nish De Ceulaer
Very fast and correct communication. Requested adjustment was made immediately. Very satisfied with the service and service
Lonneke Scholten
Lonneke Scholten
Customer Friendly, Professional, Raging. These people have their act together! I get booked as a voice-over (to record your voicemail, for example!) and their way of working works great. Customer books me, I get emailed with all the info and texts, speak it, upload it via the platform, customer approves! Hoppa! If there's anything you can always get in touch quickly so all in all the duration from assignment to final result is really super short!
Caroline B.
Caroline B.
Very satisfied with the smooth and professional services of Voices! Very clear website, easy to provide your briefing and very personal thanks to the accompanying videos.
Astrid de la Fosse
Astrid de la Fosse
The voices are diverse and the service is fast and personal. Professional recording of 2 telephone messages delivered right in 1x!
glenn popelier
glenn popelier
Hugely satisfied with the recorded sound clips for our telephone system. Top service from start to finish; a clear website with a clear ordering procedure. The day after my order I could download all files neatly from the website. The quality of the audio files is fantastic. I recommend everyone to order their announcements here.
Emio Van der Plas
Emio Van der Plas
The recorded message is very professional, and meets all expectations.
Dirk Rosier
Dirk Rosier
Just received my personally recorded voicemail message this morning and just one word "waaauuw"!!! Excellent audio recording quality, obviously professionally recorded, very clever and so am very satisfied with the audio file. (Is already set as the default voicemail message by now!)
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