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Vacation sample messages for a professional voicemail


Have a vacation message recorded by a beautiful telephone voice?

Don't forget your telephone out-of-office. Notify your clients with a professional-sounding message. Enjoy your vacation!

Sample vacation message texts

Answering machine texts to make a professional impression


Welkom bij VOICES. Vanwege de vakantie zijn we telefonisch niet bereikbaar van 15 juli t.e.m 15 augustus.


Bienvenue chez VOICES. Nous ne sont pas disponibles par téléphone en raison des vacances du 15 juillet au 15 août.


(Holiday closure:)
Welcome to VOICES. We are not available by phone from 15 July to 15 August due to annual leave.


Wilkommen bei VOICES. Aufgrund von Urlaub sind wir von 15 Juli bis 15 August telefonisch nicht erreichbar.


(Mensaje para tu contestador en vacaciones:)
Bienvenidos a VOICES. No estaremos disponibles vía telefónica del 15 de julio al 15 de agosto por las vacaciones anuales.


(Mensagem de Recesso:)
Bem-vindo ao VOICES. Não estaremos disponíveis por telefone de 15 de julho a 15 de agosto devido às férias anuais.

The importance of appropriate reporting while on vacation

When your business closes during vacations, it is crucial to have a clear message that indicates when you will be open again. This way, customers will know exactly when they can come back to you and everyone will stay well informed even when the business is closed.

3 benefits for your business

  • Customer-oriented and informative
  • Clarity about accessibility
  • Promotes customer loyalty

Tips for a good out-of-office message

We create professional audio files for your business telephone system. This will improve your image and increase customer satisfaction. Because both you and your customers deserve it.

Give the caller your other communication channels as well.
The [VOICES] team is committed to taking your call! Just a moment, it will soon be yours. You can also send an email to [E-MAIL], send a message through our online contact form or reach out to us on Facebook.
A generic message remains usable for a longer period of time.
Good day, welcome to [VOICES] Currently our office is closed due to vacations. You can find more information on our website, under the contact section. See you soon!
State when you will be back in the office.
Welcome to [VOICES]. We are currently closed due to a virtuous annual vacation. Have questions or want a free trial recording? Please leave a message after the tone or visit [SITE]. We will be back on August 31 and will answer all questions then. Thanks in advance for your call.
Refer the caller to your website.
Our office will be closed until August 23. For more information in the meantime, you can also visit [SITE].
Provide a customized message for all vacation periods.
Dear Customer. Due to Christmas and New Year's Eve, our office will be closed from December 14 through Monday, January 4. We wish you a happy end of the year and see you soon.

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Set up a professional voicemail.

I'm going on a trip and I'm taking ... peace of mind. And that's what you get when you can pause both your e-mail and work phone. We give you some examples of construction vacation and summer vacation voicemail messages we've recorded for clients. These can inspire you if you are going to set up your own voicemail before you close the doors to your business for a while.

Welcome to My Company. We will be closed from July 31 through August 23 due to the construction vacation. You can always email us at
Welcome to My Company. We are only available for urgent interventions during the construction holidays from July 13 to August 3. Please leave your name and number and we will call you back soon. Thank you for your call.
Welcome to My Company, we are currently enjoying our annual vacation. We will be available again starting Monday, August 10. Thank you for your call. 
Welcome to MijnBedrijf BV. We will be on vacation from July 13 to August 2. You can reach us again on Monday, August 3. Thank you for your call. 

6 writing tips for an effective absence notice

  1. Greet the caller in a friendly manner.
  2. Mention that you are temporarily closed as well as when the business will reopen.
  3. If necessary, refer to the website, where customers can ask general questions.
  4. Ask to leave a message.
  5. Promise to answer the questions as soon as you get back.
  6. Thank them for understanding and their interest in the company

Examples of vacation posts.

Dear customer, welcome to My Company. We will remain open during the construction holidays. These are the adjusted opening hours from July 22 to 31 : Monday to Friday from 6:30 am to 3 pm. We will be closed on Monday July 20 and Tuesday July 21. Happy vacations.
Welcome to My Company. At this time our company is closed. More information about our opening hours can be found on our website
Good day, Welcome to My Company, we will not be available until August 17. I kindly ask you to call back after this date or send an email to Your questions will be answered by me again from August 17. Thank you for your understanding.
Hello, MyCompany is closed for summer holidays. We re-open on August 10th. Hello, We are currently on vacation. We will be happy to assist you starting August 10th. Bonjour, Nous sommes en congé. Nous sommes de nouveau à votre disposition à partir du 10 août. 
Welcome to My Company. Due to vacations, we are closed until August 15. From August 17 we will be open again. We wish you a happy vacation, and look forward to welcoming you back! 
Good day, this is X's voicemail from My Company. Due to my vacation period from July 20 to August 10, I will not be available. For urgent matters that cannot wait, please contact the general number: 0123456789. They will be happy to help you. For other matters please send an email to:   
Due to the summer vacation, we are not available by phone at this time. We will be available again from Monday, August seventeen. 

Due to the autumn vacations, we are currently not available by phone. We are available again from Monday, October nineteen. 

Due to the Christmas vacations, we are currently unavailable by phone. We are available again from Monday, January fourth. 

Due to spring break, we are not available by phone at this time. We will be available again from Monday, March 1. 

Due to the May vacation, we are currently unavailable by phone. We are available again from Monday, May tenth. 

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Closed during End of Year? Here's how to set up an out-of-office.

Need to get away for the holidays or annual vacation?

Don't forget your out-of-office message for your PBX

Enjoy a well-deserved vacation together with your employees? Great! Your out-of-office message for your mailbox, yes you usually think about that, but don't forget the phone notification too!

Set the right expectations

A customer, supplier or prospect who wants to contact your company and hears the phone ringing for minutes with no success, no: you are not making a great impression. You customer is left in limbo, gets no one on the line and, at worst, starts to get worked up. He/she will try several times, without success, which often does not improve cooperation and stress levels. Why put yourself through this frustration and missed opportunity when it can easily be done differently? Voices professionally voices your out-of-office message so you don't have to worry about this.

Examples galore

Whether companies have gone before you? Be sure! We have already had the pleasure of recording the out-of-office message for more than a thousand companies. Short and concise or with a twist? You decide, it's up to you which tone of voice and approach suits your company's image. It certainly doesn't have to be too formal and you know that a message with a witticism will stick around just that little bit longer.

How it can be done. Listen these messages only once.

Don't forget holidays!

Great, you've thought of the message for the vacations, but what do clients/prospects get to hear during a holiday? Right ... A holiday is also an important momentum to make a difference with a professional out-of-office. A customized message for every holiday or one message that you can play during all holidays? We leave that too to you, although we are happy to think along with you.

Fast, affordable and professional

Recording an out-of-office message cumbersome? Forget it! With Voices, you'll have your recorded message a day later, by a professional voice with a mass of experience and who fits your business perfectly. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, so what are you waiting for? A great investment in customer retention!