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Holiday sample messages for a professional voicemail


Have a holiday announcement voiced by a beautiful telephone voice?

Is your business closed due to a holiday? Then set up a phone message so your callers are aware of it.

Sample texts of holiday notifications

Answering machine texts to make a professional impression


Bedankt dat u belt naar VOICES. Op dit moment zijn wij gesloten vanwege een wettelijke feestdag.


(Jour férié:)
Nous sommes actuellement fermés en raison d'un jour férié.


(Holiday closure:)
Our office is closed due to Bank Holiday.


Unser Büro ist heute wegen eines Feiertags geschlossen.


(Un saludo profesional por teléfono :)
Nuestra oficina está cerrada por feriado bancario.


(Mensagem de Feriado Local:)
Nosso escritório está fechado para um feriado bancário.

The importance of appropriate notification during a holiday

During holidays, it is important to have an absence notification on the telephone system so that your customers are aware of your absence and know when to expect a response. This notification ensures clear communication and shows respect for their expectations even when you are not available.

3 benefits for your business

  • Customers are aware of your opening hours
  • Callers appreciate clear communication
  • Go on vacation with peace of mind

Tips for good party day notification

We create professional audio files for your business telephone system. This will improve your image and increase customer satisfaction. Because both you and your customers deserve it.

A generic message remains usable for a longer period of time.
You have reached [VOICES], at this time we are closed due to a holiday. You may leave a message using our contact form on our website. We will contact you on the next business day.
Make sure foreign callers (who may not have a holiday) also understand your message.
Welcome to [VOICES], we are currently closed due to a legal holiday. Bienvenue chez [VOICES], nous sommes actuellement fermés en raison d'un jour férié. Welcome to [VOICES], we are currently closed due to a legal holiday. Wilkommen bei [VOICES], wir sind derzeit wegen eines gesetzlichen Feiertages geschlossen.

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Closed by holiday or vacation

Sample messages for your out-of-office voicemail.

Welcome. Our office is exceptionally closed today. You can leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Welcome. Our office is exeptionally closed today. You can leave a message and we will contact you as soon as possible.
Bienvenue. Notre bureau est exceptionellement fermé aujourd'hui. Vous pouvez laisser un message et nous allons vous rappeler le plus vite possible.
Welcome. We will be available again on January 2. Happy end of the year.
Welcome. We are closed until the second of January. Happy holidays.
Bienvenue. Nous sommes de nouveau disponible le 2 janvier. Bonne fin d'année.

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Closed for Ascension? Don't forget your out-of-office.

Set up a voicemail message during the extended weekend.

Ascension Day in 2022 falls on Thursday, May 26. On Friday, May 27, many businesses will take a bridge day. That means your business will be closed from Thursday, May 26, to Monday, May 30, 2022.

Set your voicemail during a holiday.

This is how you make sure customers are aware of your closure through Ascension.

Beste klant. Door Hemelvaart is onze praktijk gesloten. Wij zijn er voor je terug vanaf maandag 17 mei. Je kan wel een bericht inspreken op onze voicemail. Spreek na de biep duidelijk je vraag, je naam en telefoonnummer in. Dan helpen we je zo snel mogelijk. Bedankt voor je begrip en fijn weekend.

Due to a national holiday, our offices are currently closed. You can contact us by email at. We will respond to your message the following business day.

Door een nationale feestdag zijn onze kantoren gesloten. Je kunt ons steeds via e-mail bereiken op We beantwoorden je vraag de volgende werkdag.

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Closed over the Easter vacations? Set up an out-of-office.

Closed during the Easter vacations?

The webshop came up with the idea of ordering a voicemail messagefor the Easter break from us, and in this way can make customers aware of the modified opening hours.

Closed due to corona crisis?

Because of the corona crisis, everyone has to telecommute to the extent possible. If your office is closed as a result, you can let people know very easily by means of a custom voicemail message on your telephone system. That is exactly what Megamobile had us record a voicemail message for. 

Also for vaccination centers.

But vaccination centers also want to convey clear information to callers. Guide callers with clear information through an automated voicemail message.