German voice-overs for your voicemail

Here you will find the finest German-language voicemail voices for your telephone system. You can recognize our beautiful German voice-overs from at T-Mobile, Nokia, Arte, ZDF,...

Voice-over Sue


Postbank, T-Online, Zalando
Sue is a popular German professional voice-over and singer. The sound of her voice is fresh and recognisable.
& English
Voice-over Sylvia
Amazon, Avira, Nokia
Sylvia's voice sounds warm and friendly. She can sound serious but also friendly.
& English
Voice-over Stephan
Abus, Conrad, IKEA
Stephan can sound both natural and promotional.
& English
Voice-over Kaja
Intel, Livigno
Kaja's voice is friendly and conveys confidence. She can sound soft or businesslike.
& English, French
Voice-over Stephan M
Edeka, Mcdonald's
Stephan is a German professional voice-over with more than 20 years of experience.
& German, English
Voice-over Sebastian
Sebastian's voice sounds young, friendly, familiar and powerful. He's available to record messages for your telephone system.
Voice-over Yvonne R
Enerparc, Genesis Motors
Yvonne is a voice-over and psychotherapist. This particular combination allows her to convey the right feeling with her voice.
& English
Voice-over Stefan
ARTE, Audi, Trip Advisor
Stefan is a highly versatile German-language voice-over. A friendly and reliable voice.
& German, English, French

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Frequently Asked Questions

About our rates

Are there any hidden costs?

No surprises

No, there are no hidden costs or subscription plans. You only pay once for your audio files. After that, you can use them on your own business telephone system without limitation.

The rate drops if several messages are recorded.

Volume discount:

The cost per message decreases if you enter more messages or longer texts. That's because we charge a one-off starting cost and then calculate the price depending on the length of the text.

Additional volume discount:

We offer an additional volume discount starting at 750 words. It is automatically applied when texts are entered.

Partner code:

If you have a partner coupon code, you can enter it at the checkout. This discount will be automatically applied before you check out.

Prices starting from €89.

The price of your phone messages depends on the length of your texts to be recorded. Our voice actors start from as little as €89 per phone call. If you want to calculate the voicing rate price, you can enter your text using this link.

Music costs €59.

Adding hold or background music is subject to a one-off cost of €59. 

About your order

When will my order be ready?

Super fast

Allow up to 3 working days for your audio to be recorded and ready - although delivery often takes place much faster.

In each case, you will receive 3 audio formats:

  1. .wav 48kHz 24bit.
  2. .wav 16kHz 16bit
  3. .wav 8kHz 16bit

But actually any format is possible, including 8kHz 8bit a-law or MP3 and everything in between. Does the file not work properly the first time? No worries: we will work together to find the right format for your telephone system. Our after-sales service is also very helpful.

We are your professional partner

All recordings are made by professional voice-over artists in a soundproof studio. All audio files are customized as required.


Assistance from A to Z.

Do you need help with your scripts? Would you like to have your texts proofread? Don't hesitate to contact us in the chat. We will be happy to help you.


A retake for tone-of-voice is included.

We are not satisfied until you are satisfied. A retake for pronunciation (tone-of-voice, tempo, intonation,...) is automatically included in the price.


Still not satisfied?

We apply a satisfaction guarantee, no questions asked.

About our voicemail voice-overs

Should you choose a male or female voice?

What is your brand identity?

The type of voice you choose depends on your corporate or brand identity. What image does your company project? If you have the answer to this question, you know which type of voice you need to represent your company.

Who are your customers?

Finally, customers are also a deciding factor. A company that wants to sound young and fresh will want to choose a cheerful voice. If you often deal with older people, a reassuring and soft voice with a slow and clear pronunciation is preferable.

Our voice-overs provide clarity.


Does your company consist of several departments? Are your customers likely to raise numerous topics and questions? Then a choice menu is the best solution for your telephone system. 


A key point here is that every message should be clear and intelligible. A telephone voice from also conveys tranquillity, credibility and professionalism. 

Feeling valued

Deep down, we don't like having to go through a choice menu. But a pleasant, welcoming voice immediately makes us feel appreciated and better served. Moreover, clear messages allow you to quickly and efficiently direct your customers to the right department.

The choice is yours

What's the difference?

We always communicate what each voice-over's native language is. Some voice-overs also offer a second language. Moreover, you can hear how they sound in the demo. The choice between a single multilingual speaker or several native speakers is up to you.

The advantage of using a multilingual speaker.

You can process all your scripts at once. Your telephone system will sound more consistent. You only pay one single start-up fee for your entire order. Moreover, should you wish to make adjustments in the future, you will also save on the various start-up fees.

The advantage of using several native speakers.

You are 100% certain that no local or regional sounds can be heard in the voice-over. Although our multilingual voice-over talents are highly fluent in several languages, their foreign-language origins will always remain slightly noticeable to a native speaker.


But the message also counts: keep it short.

Perception has taught us that the quicker we get to talk to a real person, the more we like it. So keep waiting time and choices as short as possible.

Think from your customer's point of view.

Don't use your company's organization as a starting point. If your customer wants to know if his or her parcel can be returned, the option 'For returning an order, press 2' is more customer-friendly than 'For service and repair department, press 2'. So make sure your communication is easy to understand.


Communicate the main message first.

Compile a list of the most frequently asked questions. Next, allocate these questions to a limited number of choice options. Make sure not to complicate things: stick to a maximum of five topics. 

Make sure your system works efficiently.

Give some careful thought to the questions your customers might ask. The better your internal organisation is, the faster you will be able to answer all kinds of questions. If you use a system that links the customer number to the phone number, an existing customer will not need to identify him- or herself in the menu. This saves time and allows customers to navigate through the selection menu much faster, making it a more pleasant experience for them.

We don't like robotic voices.

It is preferable not to use a robotic voice for your telephone system. People hear robotic voices in countless places, such as translation websites and smart speakers. But do you really want a robot to represent your company?



A robotic voice functions automatically and by using computer techniques. This kind of voice has no personality, nor does it sound familiar. In other words, you will never get the impression of a friend talking to you, which is exactly what you need if you want to create personality.



A kind human voice immediately creates a bond of trust. If you are listening to someone on the phone who sounds friendly and spontaneous, you will automatically trust this person more. To put it in other words, you will definitely not succeed in building a trustworthy image by using a cold computer voice. 

Promoting your image

Being a new and innovative company, you have mostly young people as clients. Choose a young and dynamic voice that can authentically embody the spirit of your company. Are your customers mainly older people who are concerned about security? In that case, opt for a calm and familiar voice for your phone greeting. The human voice can go a long way in improving your customers' experience. None of this is possible with a computer voice.

Are you in need of a German voice-over to record your voicemail?

The finest German voice-overs for your voicemail at your fingertips.

Through our easy-to-use webshop, you can book a German voice-over for your voicemail quickly and easily. We collected the best German telephone voices from radio and television. You are guaranteed to find a voice-over that suits your business. First choose the voice-over and enter your text. If necessary, also choose the appropriate hold music. Next, we get to work. The selected German phone voice-over will receive your greeting texts. If everything is clear, the script will be professionally recorded and edited in the studio. If you need help choosing or creating your phone greetings, feel free to contact us via our livechat. We will be happy to help you find the perfect German voice-over for your business.

How much does a German voicemail voice-over cost?

We believe in transparency, simplicity and accessibility. A German voice-over charges a start-up fee of €89, which includes the first 25 words. For that amount, you have a voice-over recording. What does it cost to record multiple German voice-over audio files? For texts of more than 25 words, the price is calculated based on the total text length, even if it involves several multilingual messages recorded by the same German telephone voice.

We apply a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy for our German-language voice-overs for voicemails

Our commitment to our products is such that we vouch for every audio recording delivered. We are only satisfied if you are.

We are committed to getting your recordings right the first time. Therefore, if in doubt, we would like to ask you to make an audio briefing after your order. We also offer a free retake, should you not be satisfied with the pronunciation or tone-of-voice.

 On Google, our customers rate us as excellent. Feel free to browse through some of our hundreds of five-star reviews.