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Kristien is one of our all-time favourites both in terms of voice and language skills.
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About Kristien

"Let your voicemail or switchboard speak with the voice of Kristien, one of our top favorites. With more than 15 years of voice work experience, Kristien knows how to strike the right tone for any message. By choosing a professional voice, you will give your business the appearance it deserves. Customers will have more confidence in your business when they are greeted in a professional manner. Choose Kristien and give your customers a warm welcome with her versatile and talented voice."

A baker doesn't have his bread sold by someone who doesn't like bread, does he? As a company, you are working on your product or service in a professional manner every day. When your customers end up on an answering machine recorded by a professional voice, they gain more confidence in you as a company.

I am Kristien and I have been doing voice work for over 15 years now. (How did I discover that my voice sounds good through a microphone? Quite by accident actually, at an eloquence tournament :-). Apparently, my voice sounded pleasant through a microphone and I took note of that! A few years later, I took a test to be allowed to present on the radio and yes, I was admitted. Soon I was asked to speak in a commercial from time to time and so that ball got rolling as well). What I like most about voice work is the fact that every assignment is different. Everything depends on the message you have to convey and that can be very diverse. I love to feel the message and the audience for whom it is intended as well as possible and to adapt my voice and the way I read something to it. It's an art in itself and I'm quite proud that I have that talent. You can have me record the most diverse things: from very commercial to fairy-tale like, businesslike or with a lot of feeling.